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Adrian and Victoria Smiton

Northern Ireland

Adrian and Victoria have been avid listeners of The Big Rab Show since the outset.  Both have been heavily involved in the Piping Scene for years. 

Victoria is a piper with the Lisbeg Pipe Band and Tullylagan Development Pipe Band.  Adrian is a snare drummer with the Lisbeg Pipe Band and Bass Drummer with the Tullylagan Development Pipe Band.

Their daughter Louise is a competitive Drum Major with Closkelt Pipe Band, and has won many major championships over the years.  Their two son’s Hugh and William are snare drummers with the Tullylagan Development Pipe Band.  So you could say the entire Smiton family are all very busy on a competition weekend !

Following the call for volunteers, both Adrian and Victoria wanted to help out.  Frequently seen sorting out things behind the scenes at Live Events, and providing coverage from the Drum Major Arena. 

Adrian and Victoria Smiton
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