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Rab Lennox, (Big Rab)

The Boss

Following his dad into the Queen Elizabeth Pipe Band at the age of 9 years old, Rab began playing Tenor drum with the band in grade 2 in 1989.  He eventually graduated to snare drum at the age of 12, before moving on to the Quinn Memorial Pipe Band. 

Following this, Rab went on to lead the Quinn Memorial drum corps at the age of 18 and went on to win numerous major championships along the way.  Then taking opportunity to play with other bands both locally and internationally.  Throughout his 30 plus years as a competitive drummer, Rab has played in all grade levels from 4B to grade 1.  He even found time to play drums in a well-known Ulster-Scots band called “Rightly On”.  Who regularly featured on local TV and Radio in the early 2010’s.

In 2012 Rab stepped away from playing, instead deciding to enter the world of broadcasting.  Starting what would be called “The Big Rab Show” on Fuse FM Ballymoney.  A weekly radio show, focused on the Piping Scene in all its forms.  He then went on to launch “The Big Rab Show Podcast” in 2017 which catapulted the show to an international audience.  With thousands of weekly listeners, both shows have gathered quite a large following of dedicated piping fans.

Rab has also been co-presenting a show on BBC Radio Ulster called "Kintra" on a weekly basis since 2018.  With it's focus on all things Ulster-Scots, Rab still finds a way to raise the profile of the piping scene at every opportunity - much to the team's amusement.

A notable achievement was in 2022, when “The Big Rab Show” was nominated for a Scots Trad Music award, for “Music in the Media”.  This was a significant recognition of the Show’s efforts in promoting the Piping scene on an international level. 

Rab continues his work on all three shows, and can be heard every week on BBC Radio Ulster/Foyle, Fuse FM Ballymoney and the Podcast. 

Rab Lennox, (Big Rab)
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